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Our Guidelines for Selling Your Gold and Silver

1) You can bring your gold and silver in person to either of our store locations. For your convenience, Idaho Gold and Silver also provides fast, dependable, and guaranteed mail service.

2) If you opt to mail in your product, you have two choices for how you are paid: 1. A cashable check or 2. Paypal. If any purchases are over $25,000, we pay by overnight express mail. We realize that cash flow is the name of the game, and we will pay you as quickly as we can process your items. Our processing time is usually 1-2 business days after receipt. We try to be very competitive with our processing time compared to other dealers.

3) We would appreciate an email letting us know that you have sent a package to us. Also, please include your name, address, phone number, and email address, so that we may properly identify you. Please include a phone number where we may reach you during business hours.

4) We reserve the right to cancel or not purchase any item at our discretion.

5) When shipping by Fedex or UPS, email us for shipping instructions. Otherwise, mail shipments to:

                    Idaho Gold and Silver
                      P.O. Box 190453
                      Boise, ID 83719

6) Our base prices for determining your offer will be the A-mark bid prices for gold, silver, and other precious metals at the time we process your package. Prices listed on our website are subject to change, depending on market conditions. Please email to confirm prices. On some items, we may be able to lock you into the current price.

7) We will contact you as soon as we receive and process your package. We will give you our offer over the telephone. If you accept, we will arrange payment with you. If you decline our offer, we will return your items.

8) If you are sending us numismatic coins, the coins must be graded strictly to ANA standards. For overgraded coins, we will have to alter any offer we made via email.

9) When mailing items to us, please make sure the coins are securely packaged and insured for the amount at which you value them. Before you ship, check with the Post Office regarding insurance, because registered mail is less expensive than standard insured mail for larger dollar amounts. Registered mail has more stringent packaging requirements than standard mail, so check with the Post Office before preparing a registered mail package. For larger dollar amounts, it is worth the extra effort to ship by registered mail, for the sake of the money you would save compared to standard mail.

10) We will not be responsible for losses related to uninsured packages that are sent to us. We will also not be responsible for packages that have no return address or any other identification as to who has sent them to us.

11) By sending us coins, jewelry, or other items, you acknowledge that you are the legal owner of all sent items.

At Idaho Gold and Silver we strive to deal honestly and fairly with each of our customers. We look forward to working with you. Please call, come in, or contact us if you have any questions.