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We are well-established dealers in rare & common United States & foreign Gold and Silver coins, Gold, Silver, & Platinum Bullion & Numismatic Coins.

Gold is the highest it has ever been. Do you have rings, chains, unpaired earrings, or any other gold jewelry that you don't wear anymore? Now is the time to turn it into cash! Broken, damaged, or in wearable condition, we buy it all.

Current GOLD Prices:
10 karat gold: $ per DWT or $ per Gram
14 karat gold: $ per DWT or $ per Gram
18 karat gold: $ per DWT or $ per Gram

We buy Sterling Silver also: Jewelry - wearable or broken, Flatware, Serving Pieces, Souvenier Spoons, and more.

$ per DWT or $ per Gram

We also buy:

Silver coins:
90% U.S. Silver Coins
40% U.S. Silver Halves
Morgan Dollars - any condition
Peace Dollars - any condition
American Silver Eagle Dollars
Canadian Silver Dollars
Silver rounds and bars


U.S. Coins including
Lincoln cents 1933 & before
Nickels 1945 & before
All U.S. Silver coins
Proof Sets & Mint Sets
All Early Series coins

All kinds of foreign coins
All foreign silver coins
Most foreign clad coins from World War II & before
Ancient Roman coins

Other things
Diamonds, 25 points or larger, all cuts, all conditions
Pocket watches
Dental Gold
Gold-Filled Jewelry

Please email us for a price quote for any coins or if you have any questions. We will answer your emails as quickly as we can - usually within one business day.

Disclaimer: The prices on this page were generated by an automatic process and based on the spot price of gold at and silver as of . Prices fluctuate, sometimes rapidly, and Idaho Gold and Silver makes no guarantee that the prices on this page are correct. To see a current actual bid price for Gold & Silver, or any other precious metal, go to amark.com or kitco.com.

All price quotes are dependent on an accurate description of your coins. Overgraded coins will be quoted a new buy price.